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Below is a timeline of my education and professional positions.

1984-1988    BS, Physics, University of California, San Diego

1990-1994    PhD, MIT, Systems Neuroscience
Mentor: Richard Andersen

1988-1995    MD, Harvard Medical School

1995-1996    Medical Internship, Columbia University Medical Center, New York

1996-1999    Neurology Residency, Columbia University Medical Center, New York

1999-2001    Movement Disorders Fellowship, Columbia University
Clinical Mentor: Stanley Fahn
Research Mentor (Human Motor Control): Claude Ghez

2001-2016       Neurology Faculty, Columbia University

2003-2016       Motor Performance Lab, Columbia University
JohnBook 172In 2003 I established, with John Krakauer, the Motor Performance Lab at Columbia University. Through close collaboration we conducted research in normal motor control and motor learning that served as the basis for studies in motor control abnormalities in movement disorders (my area of clinical interest) and recovery from stroke (John’s major area of clinical interest).

2016-2022  Neurology Faculty, Washington University in St. Louis
In 2016 I moved to Washington University in St. Louis and joined the Movement Disorders Section, headed by Joel Perlmutter, in the Neurology Department. My research during this period was based in the Movement and Neurodegenerative Disease research group, headed by Gammon Earhart. The group’s focus is gait abnormalities in Parkinson’s disease: people with PD are studied in the lab to understand the nature of parkinsonian gait abnormalities and to devise activity-based interventions to treat these symptoms.

2022-present  Neurology Faculty, Ohio State University
In 2022 I moved to Ohio State University in Columbus, OH. I joined the Movement Disorders Division as co-director. My clinical activity will continue to be evaluation and medical management of patients with movement disorders. My research will focus on quantitative analysis of movement abnormalities caused by movement disorders.

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