Clinical Templates

Medication-related Templates

Templates I created to help my patients follow medication instructions

  • Medication Adjustment: template for titration of medication dose
    (circle relevant side effects listed on back page)
  • Medication Schedule: template to display daily schedule of medications
    (circle the ones relevant to a specific patient)

Rating Scales

Templates I created to permit electronic entry of clinical rating scales
(content taken from paper originals with permission from the Movement Disorders Society, Huntington Study Group)

Organizational Templates

Templates I created to make administrative tasks less painful

  • Clinic Schedule: spreadhseet for movement disorders clinic schedule.
    The user enters the clinic’s first date; names of residents, fellows, attendings for each weekly clinic session; dates when specific attendings are not available. The template shows the total number of clinic sessions for each attending and whether a conflict exists. The accompanying Automator script can be attached to Apple Calendar to automatically send the clinic director an email to be forwarded to the clinicians schedule for the upcoming week.

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